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Samsung WindFree™ Comfort 3.5kW Air Conditioner

1,233.88  Price incl. VAT

Catalogue: Samsung catalogue 2022



Keep cool comfort without the cold
Wind-Free™ cooling

Enjoying the comfort of coolness without the wind? Only with Samsung Wind-Free! Cool air is gently and quietly distributed* through 23,000 micro-air holes without the uncomfortable sensation of wind chill. Its advanced airflow distributes cool air more evenly over a larger space. The Wind-Free mode also uses 77% less energy than the Quick Cooling mode.

Reduces energy consumption by 77%* and saves money
Wind-Free™ cooling (energy saving)

Save money every day with more energy-efficient Wind-Free™ cooling. In Wind-Free™ mode, the outdoor unit uses minimal energy – up to 77% less electricity compared to the Quick Cooling mode*. So you can enjoy cool comfort and forget about your electricity bills.


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