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Wärmepumpe Samsung EHS Mono

3.660,37  Preis mit MwSt

Modell des Außengeräts: AE050RXYDEG/EU

Kältemittel: R32

Heizleistung (kW): 5,0

SCOP: 4,46

Energieklasse: A+++/A++

Betriebsbereich: bis zu -25°C

Stromversorgung: 230V / 1F

Abmessungen (BxHxT in mm): 880 x 798 x 310



Monoblock, inverter outdoor units, air-to-water system

EHS MONO heat pumps with a single outdoor unit including a hydronic system for ease of installation and use. Operating down to -25°C, they provide water supply up to 65 °C and are suitable for all low temperature systems. The units are ready to install and, with advanced control technology, allow easy monitoring of its operation. Choose between a connection with a regulator or hydro units with an integrated storage tank.

  • Compatible with all low temp. systems.
  • High seasonal energy efficiency.
  • Water supply up to 65°C.
  • Easy installation – easy control.
  • Operation down to -25°C
  • Instead of a regulator, a hydro unit with integrated storage tank is available.
  • Operation with environmentally friendly gas, R32.

ClimateHub Mono

The ClimateHub Mono heat pump unit has a single outdoor unit that incorporates a hydraulic system, facilitating installation without an F-gas permit. The single outdoor unit configuration by Samsung frees up space that would otherwise be dedicated to cooling pipes and ensures easy installation. You can maximise the system’s potential by connecting the unit to the smart grid or to solar power (PV).

When used with the Samsung Mono Control Set, the Mono unit can be connected to other manufacturers’ equipment, e.g. a domestic hot water (DHW) tank. A single outdoor unit configuration frees up space that would otherwise be dedicated to cooling pipes, and ensures easy installation.


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